Coming Up: ENDURrun 30K

ENDURrun 2014

Yes, you read the above dates correctly. The ENDURrun International is a 160K, 8-day, 7-stage event that takes place in Waterloo, Ontario.

Distances range from 10 km to the marathon, on both roads and trails. Runners can participate in the Ultimate category (all seven stages), the Sport category (the last three stages, comprising a 25.6K trail run, a 10K time trial, and a marathon), and the Guest category (any one of the stages). Seven-person relays are also an option.

This year, I’ve chosen to enter as a Guest (though I can see a future attempt in either the Sport or Ultimate categories). On August 12, I’ll run Stage 3 of the ENDURrun, which is a multi-loop 30K cross-country course. According to the event website, it comprises mostly grass and wood chip paths, mostly through forest trails. It sounds interesting and fun, and will give me a chance to suss out the organization and locale a bit.

ENDURrun Stage 3

Looks like I’ll be putting in some trail and hill training in the next few weeks!



  1. Fun, I’m looking forward to the last 3 stages….so between the two of us, we’ll have reports on 4 stages 🙂

      1. Would love to, but not sure I’d be able to because of Amelia, but we’ll see…

      2. Logistics would definitely be an issue. I can see driving to and from Waterloo for the three-day Sports races, but doing it for the seven-day Ultimate series would be tough. And I’m certainly not interested in staying Waterloo for a whole week. 😉

    1. I’ll definitely post a race report, Deb. Yes, my feet have healed very nicely, thanks. All good from here on, I hope. 🙂

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