I recently bought my first skateboard. I’ve always wanted one, but always found excuses for not getting one, as in “I won’t be able to do it,” “I don’t have the time to do it,” and “I’m too old for that sort of thing.”

Excuses don’t cut it anymore. In the end, I figured it was time to learn some new skills, so I took the plunge.

I’d really wanted a longboard, as I think they’re the most beautiful type of skateboard. But I was convinced by two of the staff at Zumiez, a local board shop, that a shorter, lighter, and wider board would be better. So I ended up with a Z Flex Street Rocket.

Street Rocket

The Street Rocket is described on the manufacturer’s site as “Low to the ground and built for speed, the Street Rocket has been the go to board from the ages… Quality, speed, and durability will take you back to the beginning where originality was everything.” (I love the way skateboarders talk.) I also bought a helmet and some cheap Converse sneaker knockoffs to go with the board.

So far, I’ve only had a couple of sessions on the board, on my driveway and on the street beyond it. It’s a scary experience – like slathering your feet with vaseline and stepping onto a sheet of ice. But it’ll come, I’m sure. Next step is to head over to the local schoolyard, where there’s more flat asphalt and no traffic. Eventually, I hope to try out the city’s skateboard park, which is highly-rated among local skateboarders.

As it turns out, my fondness for concrete and my new interest in photography has played out nicely in getting a bunch of images from the local city skatepark.

Skateboard bowl

By the way, the image at the top of the post is a hope for the future. To date, I’ve only seen one person riding barefoot on a skateboard – a tall, young guy on a longboard moving effortlessly along a neighbourhood street. Don’t know if I’ll ever get there – but I’m certainly going to try!


  1. Love it, Alan! I’ve tried my sons skateboard 25 yrs ago and then my ex got one about 5 years ago. He loves it, lots of flat areas in Palm Springs. There is the time I followed him in the car and watched him wipe as he hit an area under a nut tree that had much debris on the walk. Enjoy!!

    1. Sorry to hear about that wipeout. Hope he wasn’t hurt. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only “sensible adult” who’s discovered ‘boarding. 🙂

  2. I find this so funny! My 6 year old recently bought himself a board and I’ve been hankering to get my own. Then he recently got another better one for his upcoming birthday. Honestly, I seem to be on it (barefoot) whenever he’s not! I need to get my own!
    It’s not easy but I’m getting there!
    Enjoy the ride!

    1. “Not easy” is an understatement. 🙂 But I am, indeed, enjoying the ride. Just came back from half an hour in the local school parking lot; with every outing, I gain a little more confidence.

  3. I had a cheap long board I got off ebay. Absolutely loved it. I’d like to get a nice one when the kids get older, but not really sure where I’d take it in Vermont…

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