This afternoon, we said goodbye to our greyhound Kelso.

His going was gentle and peaceful. We were with him until the last, holding him, talking to him, and letting him know he was loved. It wasn’t easy, but he was ready to go, and he seemed to be at peace at the end.

Kelso was a gentle companion, a loyal friend, and a beautiful animal. In the four and a half years he was with us, he gave us so much joy. He made us laugh, he taught us a lot, and he filled our world with wonder. JoAnne, Toby, and I will miss him hugely.

My heart aches.


  1. I’m so sorry to hear this, Alan. It is never easy to say goodbye to a beloved four-legged companion. He looks like he was a beautiful fellow. Wishing peace to you, JoAnne and Toby.

    1. Thank you, Paul. It’s hard to put into words what a difference Kelso made in our lives. Greyhounds are rather special anyway, but Kelso was a treasure.

  2. I can only imagine how sad you must be. I have 2 lovely old boys a dalmation and a black Labrador and love them more than life itself. Our thoughts are with you.

    1. Thank you for that kind thought. Kelso has taken part of us with him. But he’s also left some of himself with us. We’ll always have that.

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