Coming Soon: Spring

It’s the second day of March, and, with the windchill factored in, it’s – 15C outside. People are telling me that Spring is “just around the corner.” Really.

To be fair, – 15C isn’t bad, considering that we’ve just come out of a couple of weeks where the temps have been been between – 27C and – 37C. But, warm weather creature that I am, I figure I’m looking at six more weeks of chilly stuff before we get to “warmish”. And that doesn’t take into account the inevitable “Let’s have one more go at it” early April snowstorm.

Never mind. Spring is on its way. Really.

So I’m preparing for some outdoor running. When the daytime temps get to about 5C (and the rock salt disappears from the sidewalks), that means short barefoot runs around the the neighbourhood. As the temperatures rise, the runs will get longer. By early May, I should be doing some decent distances – barefoot, shirtless, and watchless. (Think blissful Zen-style runs.)

When the rock salt goes, the skateboard will come out. I made some progress in the late Fall as “Skateboard Newbie,” but I have a long way to go before becoming “Skateboard Al.” I’m not aiming at learning any advanced tricks – just cruising around the ‘hood and being able to ollie will suit me fine.

Last on my Spring “ta da!” list is getting my fixed-gear bike on the road again. It’s a custom-built titanium frame, it’s brakeless, it sports Phil Woods hubs and a Brooks Swift saddle, and it’s an absolute beauty. It only needs new tires for the new season, and I’ll be profiling proudly.

I feel better already.



  1. Ring Road Running is on its way!!! I ran Chilly Half yesterday in merely a tank top and light fleece and felt liberated. There were shorts and even one singlet and arm warmers! Spring is indeed on the way!

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