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Here’s where I’ll post (on a very irregular basis) short articles about things other than running, such as..


What you need to know about my fixed-gear bike.

This morning (March 24), I got the fixie out on the road for its first ride of the season. To make that happen, I had to sort out some issues with a tire and tube. Got that done with the help of my lava lamp, a little minimalist music, and some calm thinking. Then went for a gentle spin around the block. All seems to be well.

It’s only -7C (19F) out there, so around the block was enough. Warmer temps soon, I hope!

Here’s the bike in its current configuration.

Aerolite fixie

Pretty, isn’t it?


About my efforts to learn to skateboard.

Odds and Ends

Things that don’t fit anywhere else.

Found in Don DeLillo’s The Angel Esmeralda: Nine Stories:

All human existence is a trick of light.

That probably comes closer than anything else I’ve come across to describe the human condition.


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