Good Things

Bedrock Sandals Synclines

My Bedrock Syncline sandals arrived soon after I got home from the Elk/Beaver 50K ultra. I’ve been wearing them ever since. As I said in the review I posted previously, “The Synclines represent the evolutionary peak of minimalist sandals technology for me right now.”

They’re just plain good. They’re great on the roads, and they’re great on the trails. They’ve made my post-EB healing journey a pleasure rather than a chore, and they promise to deliver even more quality in the weeks and months to come.

Ditch those running shoes and get yourself some Synclines. You’ll thank me!

Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge

James Dunne’s 30 day challenge has been a revelation. Each day of the free program offers a specific 10 to 15 minute set of targeted techniques, drills and exercises, with the promise that, if followed consistently, they will “transform your running” in the course of a month.

It’s working.

Today is day 10 of the challenge. It’s getting harder as the days go by, but in a good way. I know my muscles are being worked, and I can see results. My daily runs – whether long or short, fast or slow – are significantly improved in terms of form, pace, and feel. I’ve been lazy about my training for quite a while, content just to muddle along, so I’m pleased that I’ve finally hunkered down to do something worthwhile.

In fact, I’m so impressed with James’ training that I’m about to sign up for his six-week online course. I’m a Kinetic Revolution believer!


As I noted in a previous post, I recently started listening to music again after an absence of many years. I don’t carry my iPod all the time, but I enjoy having music for many of my long runs. The playlist I listen to most often is a mix of blues and psychedelia. Think mid to late 1960s. Think Chicago and San Francisco. Think tracks like Crystal Blues, by the always wonderful Country Joe and the Fish. Have a listen:

Good things happen. Life is good!

Tuned In

I re-discovered music a while ago, and now listen to music while on long training runs (and, so far, during one race). It’s been an exciting journey, as it’s meant getting to know old favourites again, as well as coming across entirely new composers and musicians.

My current playlist is a mix of minimalist, ambient, and drone. Here’s what’s on my iPod right now…

Old favourites

Rainbow in Curved Air

Terry Riley
Rainbow in Curved Air
Shri Camel
Les Yeux Fermes
Persian Surgery Dervishes


Music for Airports

Brian Eno
Ambient Music 1: Music for Airports
Ambient Music 2: The Plateaux of Mirrors
Ambient Music 3: Day of Radiance
Ambient Music 4: On Land
The Shutov Assembly


New discoveries:

Avec Laudenum

Stars of the Lid
Avec Laudenum

Angus MacLise
Angus MacLise



Those of you who are used to having music (and iPods) in your lives will have to forgive me for this enthusiasm. It’s been a very long dry spell, and I’m really glad it’s over.